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Almond Oil

Decorative Line

Almond oil is used in many cosmetic applications ranging from creams and lotions to scrubbing preparations and hair conditioners.

For full product description and data, see the PDF format file for this product.

Nut of the Sweet Almond Tree (Prunus amygdalus)

Expeller Pressed, refined, bleached, winterized, deodorized

Packaging and Storage
Store in a cool dry place (50 to 68 degrees F optimum) away from direct sources of sunlight, heat and other oxidizers. Properly stored unopened containers have an expected shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Available Configurations

Size: 420 lb
Item Number: 120510
Container Description: Closed head food grade steel drum, top openings are 2" and ¾" National Coarse Thread, no side bung.

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